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Get Over the Fear and Live Your Dream Now. (2013)


Each of us has been given special gifts and abilities to be used for a specific purpose to help others. Those who discover their special abilities and begin using them to impact the lives of others experience joy and fulfillment previously unimaginable. In his upcoming book, Get Over the Fear and Live Your Dream Now, D. Keith Pigues will help unlock your amazing potential to live a fuller life through discovery of your purpose and special abilities. In this ground-breaking book, he helps you to uncover the "fear traps" along your journey that rob you of true fulfillment in life. He also provides practical and effective tools, including his unique "plan of intentionality" and "life purpose filter" which help you to begin living your dream, immediately!

As a follow-up to his first book, Winning With Customers: A Playbook for B2B (Pigues and Alderman, Wiley & Sons 2010), his new book and web-based application are the latest tools to help D. Keith do what he is known for -- Helping people get more out of work and life than they ever thought possible. This book will guide you in developing practical actions to help you live a more fulfilling life each day, month and year of your life. The book is based on five years of research into people's passions and dreams, as well as the barriers, obstacles and fears that keep them from living more purposeful and fulfilling lives. The book is infused with wisdom and insight from Keith's extensive work as a life and career coach, professor and business leader. After reading this book you will be equipped to take meaningful and practical steps to live a more fulfilling life.

The book is laced with amazing stories of everyday people at various stages of living their dream. These stories inspire and challenge the reader to move from the mundane routines, or the expected life, to planful actions that get results!

This must read book will help you Get Over the Fear and Live Your Dream Now. Click here to get a head start on living your dream with these tools to help you discover, express and activate your dream!

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