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The 3 R’s of Fixing Your Broken Team


As we consider the power of teams, Daniel Webster’s words are as relevant today as they were when he penned them in 1846:  “There are many objects of great value to man which cannot be attained by unconnected individuals, but must be attained if at all, by association.”

When people successfully work in interdependent relationships to achieve goals that the individuals cannot achieve alone, we see teamwork at its best.  But what happens when teams are not performing well due to people problems on the team. Yes, this is an issue that many leaders and managers would prefer to ignore in hopes that it will go away, or would like to delegate to others – how to fix the underperforming team. Fixing the broken team is a skill that the most successful leaders and managers must do well to achieve success.

D. Keith Pigues in his upcoming book, The Three R’s of Fixing Your Broken Team, provides sound time-tested principles to help you transform underperforming teams to achieve peak performance by addressing the three key issues to get the team on track. Do the Right thing – take the appropriate action to address the real problem.  Do it in the Right Way – follow a process that is fair, preserves dignity of the underperforming team member, and eliminates surprises. Do it Right away – make timely decisions to maintain acceptable levels of performance and preserve trust within the organization.

Help your teams get back on track and deliver more, sooner by applying the three R’s in your organization.



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